I've 'designed' a simple CSS menu based on a lot of other people's hard work and it works fine for me in IE 5, 6 and 7 and latest Firefox.

BUT - I know there are meant to be problems in IE 6 to do with reloading background images, leading to flicker. Can anyone tell me if flicker is likely to be a problem with this design as I can't get it to happen?

I've tried a slowdown utility - made no difference. I know there's a server side fix for this, which my host MAY have implemented, so I might not be getting the worst case scenario. I say that because this is going to be part of a theme that people will hopefully instal on their own hosts.

About 50% of my traffic to my other site uses IE 6 still.

I'll leave the link below, if that's alright. I would post the markup, but perhaps that's not approved? Anyhow, it's possible to View Source - it's only a test page. Ignore the 'Preload Image' comment, that's just a reminder for me.

The link is here.


Hope someone can advise!