Hi guys,

I have been recently asked to update a site. I am still fairly new to CSS but am getting a good handle on it. The site uses a Java script to pop up images when certain links are rolled over. This works great and I have added text and images and it all works properly.

The problem I have inherited is that the images all pop up in the same positions. I can force them down by changing the CSS but if you scroll down the page and roll over the text the image tends to get cut off depending on how far down or up you may have scrolled in the browser. Is there a way to position the pop up to center itself vertically in the browser whether you are at the bottom of the page or the top?

Here is a link to the page so that you can see what I mean.

I can post the code if need be. The CSS controling the pop ups is inside the code if you view the source.

I'd really appreciate any help on this. I know that it needs to be validated still but I have been nervous about messing with it since most of the errors surround bits that deal with the Java and I know next to nothing about Java.

Thanks again for any help that you can give.