Hi all, i have a new project for a client. A small part of it i was hoping to discuss with you all, to make sure i wasn't heading for disaster. Just to clarify i've got the famous sitepoint book, and have created quite a few little PHP/MySQL 'toys' but am far from an expert, hence this post

The client has their DB in Microsoft Access, and requires some sort of customer login/tracking on their website, however they have no wish to go the full e-commerce route. I have yet to receive my copy of Access so i am taking my best 'guess' at what i think it can do We will recieve part of their DB to play with while developing.

The basic plan, rightly or wrongly, is to export certain 'KEY' fields (order details), from Access to a CSV file. I would only need a few fields along the lines of [order ref] [customer id] [description] [status] [complete]. I would also need the client to add [username] and [password] fields to their customer list. I was hoping i could export all this info as one CSV file, but i think it may have to be 2 CSV files. 1 for customers which has USR and PASS for PHP sessions, and the 2nd containing the order details which i can display on their 'Order Status' screen once they have logged in.

The client would then upload the CSV file(s) to a pre-determined directory on the web server.

To my (limited ) knowledge, i don't think it would be too difficult (with the help of all you guyz or an existing script ) to create a PHP script where the client goes to an admin page, clicks a button, 'UPDATE ORDER STATUS' or similar, and the CSV file(s) are read in, and converted to INSERT statements, then inserted into the SQL DB.

The customer order details when viewed on the website would now be upto date. This would happen maybe once or twice a day.

If i cant have the [username] and [password] in the above CSV file i would just create a new button for the client to click 'UPDATE CLIENT LIST' or similar, which would do the same thing but on a different table which would drive the PHP session logins. This would happen only when they add a new customer to their Access DB, not that often as they tend to have a core of customers who order lots

I know the above solution is far from 'Normal', but i don't want to have to upload the whole .mdb file 2/3 times a day, just enough details to enable their customers to login and check their orders.

Thanks for you time, thoughts and comments, oh yeh, no laughing at my 'noobi' ignorance