i have a website but all the sizing is messed up, i dont know what units to use could someone please fix it and send me a copy at paddysteed@gmail.com my website is at comevisitstlucia.freehostia.com the css is
Code CSS:
#main-header {
font-size : 4em;
color : red;
background-image : url(images/top_banner_background_image.jpg);
height : 1.1em;
margin : 0.3em;
padding : 0.7em;
margin-bottom : 1em;
font-family : "Kristen ITC", Verdana, sans-serif;
body {
background-image : url(images/background.gif);
color : red;
font-family : "comic Sans MS";
#navagation {
background-image : url(images/navagation_background_image.jpg);
height : 600px;
width : 206px;
font-size : 16pt;
color : red;
list-style-image : url("images/palm_tree.gif");
position : absolute;
top: 11em;
padding-left: 1.5em;
padding-right: 0em;
#navagation a:link, #navagation a:visited {
color : red;
#navagation a:hover {
color : red;
background-color : blue;
#main_body_content {
position : absolute;
left: 20em;
top: 21em;
background-color : white;
width : 850px;
background-color : #90fefb;
padding : 40px;
color : black;
.photo_gallery {
border-style : solid;
border-color : white;
border-width : 50px;
border-bottom-width : 150px;
display : block;
margin-left : auto;
margin-right : auto;
margin-top : 150px;
margin-bottom : 20px;
.float {
float : left;
margin : 20px;
border : none;
and the html for the homepage is
Code HTML4Strict:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="http://www.w3c.org/1999/xhtml1">
               <title>Come Visit St.Lucia</title>
             <link href="style1.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
       <h1 id="main-header">Come Visit St.Lucia</h1>
           <ul id="navagation"><li><a href="About_the_Island.html">About the Island</a></li><li><a href="photo_gallery.html">photo gallery<a></li></ul>
        <div id="main_body_content"><h1>Welcome</h1><p>Congratulations you've made your first step to visiting St.Lucia. Hopefully the memories will last a 
lifetime. I have been going for 5 years now and still remember, as if it were yesterday, the first moment I stepped off the plane and was greeted by the most wonderful air I had ever breathed in.
                  </p><h3>The St.Lucia Flag</h3><img src="images/flag.jpg" alt="St.lucia flag" width="200" height="100" /><div id="blog"><iframe src="/wordpress/index.php" height="400" width="900" /></div></div>