Hi guys, im creating an on the fly menu system to present some reports. i have the code below but im getting a problem getting objects.

Simply i need to get loop through any objects on my sheet and if its a combo box i want to add some stuff to it. The problem i run into is that once i have found the object i cant seem to get a reference for it without hard coding it - which defeats the point of the script.

combo boxes are just named combobox1, combobox2 etc etc


    Dim Sh As Worksheet
    Dim CombO As Integer
    Dim cBx As Object
    Dim CsD As ComboBox
    For Each cBx In Home.OLEObjects
        If VBA.Left(cBx.Name, VBA.Len(cBx.Name) - 1) = "ComboBox" Then
            CsD = cBx
            CsD.AddItem "--- Please Select ---"
        End If
    Next cBx