My site is stored on personal website which my url-forwarding points to when visitors go to my domain.

The web-forwarding of my registrars use url-masking (aka gripping aka...) which they do by placing my actual page within their own frameset (100%,*) and then allowing all internal links to replace only 'contents' of that frame (not the frameset itself (top, parent))

I have the main body of the site appear in a centred pop-up while the index page is shrunk and forwarded (meta refresh) to a 'thank you/relaunch/close' page.

Problem is with the thank you/.. page- the 'close window' button just will not work.

I have tried every possible permutation of the window.close command (parent, self, top, ...) and none of them will do the trick.

The source of the top page (their page.frameset) doesn't contain any javascript, so I'm left wondering why it's not working.

The only unusual thing I noticed was that the <frameset> and <frame src...> (pointing to my webspace) tags are *outside* the <body> </body> tags.
The only <body> content in the source is within the <noframes> tags.

It works fine when I force the contents of the frame (my index) into a new window of its own, just not when its inside their frameset

Is there some way I can have a window.close button without using javascript?

I tried having a 'break out of frames' script (several copy/paste variations) as an onload script in there too, but even that would not work within this frameset.

I'm stumped.