Here is my dilemma. I have a PHP template file which has a header and a footer defined by CSS code. I also have a content section which is dynamically filled (using an include) in depending on PHP code determing what link a user clicks.
PHP Code:
echo '<div id="main_text">';
As you can see I am outputting whatever link within a CSS div to format it properly. This works great, when a user clicks a link the correct page is displayed correctly between the header and footer. However, if the $link page has a link on it, when a user clicks that link it opens in its own window and not within my template.

For example, on my $link I automatically generate links for each letter of the alphabet. Then if a user clicks one letter it grabs records from a database. This works, however when a user clicks a letter it opens in its own screen and doest open within the template.

Is there any way around this, anyone have any clue what I am even trying to say??