Hi Guys,

i have this piece of code below working great when echoed out displays the files like it should, they can be upto 100 lines depending, what i wanted to do is store ALL the date for "$output" & "$parts" in mysql but it only stores the first line not the rest, if i put my insert query in the foreach it inserts the files but makes an entry for each file (instead of the whole lot in the 1 field)

PHP Code:
     // Before the insertion get some details...
$filecontent file_get_contents("nzbs/$renamed_nzb");
$parts explode("</file>",$filecontent);
$parts as $part){
## get the newsgroup
if (eregi ('subject="(.*)">'$part$matches)) {
$titel $matches[1];
$titel explode('">'$titel);
'<font face=Verdana size=1>'.$titel[0]."");
            if (
eregi("<group>(.*)</group>"$part$matches)) {
$ng $matches[1];
$ng str_replace("alt.binaries""a.b"$ng);
//echo ("<font face=Verdana size=1>".$ng."");            
            ## get the poster 
if (eregi ("poster=\"(.*)\" date="$part$matches)) {
$poster $matches[1];
//print("<font face=Verdana size=1>".$poster."");
            if (
eregi ("<segment bytes=\"(.*)\" number="$part$matches)) {
$size $matches[1];
$size round($size 1024,2);
$parts doe_iets($titel[0]);
$parts str_replace("/"""$parts);
$parts str_replace(")"""$parts);
$output $parts $size;
"$output kb $parts";
$total_output $output;
is there a way i can store the whole lot in mysql as 1 long string then ill be able to explode it and display later.

thanks for any help guys