I'm setting up a website to help business owners search for and find a merchant account provider that best fits their needs and budget. I've been having quite a few merchant account providers add a profile to our online database. On their profile is a link to their site. Many of the providers that sign-up have affiliate/associate programs. My plans are to signup on each and replace the reg. link to their site with the affiliate link for tracking purposes. However, there are some providers that don't have affiliate programs and this can make things a bit more difficult. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do for those who don't have an affiliate program for me to sign up to? There has to be some way for them to track when a person from my site goes to their site and fills out an application. Otherwise, they won't know and I won't be funded for a lead that resulted into a sale.

Any ideas to help simply this problem? I wanna keep it as easy and simple as possible if it can be done.

I have not posted a link to my site as it is not ready to be opened to the public for use. We are still working out some bugs within the system and adding more merchant account providers to our online database.

I look forward to hearing from you.