I give out HTML code to other website owners and they put the code into their own page.

The HTML code i give them uses inline CSS, for example:

<a href="http://www.example.com/" style="font-family: arial;">

The PROBLEM is that the HTML code with the inline styles that i give them inherits the styles in the stylesheet already on that person's site.

So, for example, if that person puts 5px of left padding on every link, my link inherits 5px of left padding to.... grrrrrrr.

Unless i specify padding-left: 0;

So i basically have to counter every known style in existence to stop my html code from inheriting THERE style sheet's styles

Is there a CSS property which i can add to my inline CSS, which tells a web browser NOT to inherit any other CSS rules?

So i just basically want some sort of property which says to the web browser "do not apply any CSS styles to this HTML tag besides the ones which are specified in the inline style already.

....if it's possible?

Do you have any solutions? Please help...