I`ve been reading quite a bit about this recently and I have to say I have come away with some sad findings. I`d love to know what other peoples opinions of promotion are but here are some conclusions I have come to.

If you`ve created a site that has no content problems and you feel its got enough to offer to drive high traffic to it then it seems the following options are open.

1. Throw money at it. Then throw some more. Buy advertising space on popular high traffic sites.

Drawback : Money is not easy to wave goodbye too! And if your just starting out then you have no sure ideas about how much to invest and what the return will be.

2. Write as many sites as you can trying to gain link backs to your site, perhaps by offering a link to theirs in the first place.

Drawback : This is a tough one as potentially you need many sites linking to you and in the beginning there is little incentive for a successful site to link to you when they know the return hits are not going to be much.

3. Join a link exchange scheme. Great idea in that you get your site seen on other sites without contacting them first. Anyway taking part in the scheme will become a potential outlet for your banner!

Drawback : The ratio is usually low, supplemented by a lot of poor banners that the linkexchange service pushes to make money themselves. Also people taking part in these schemes usually have very low traffic sites to begin with. finally you can`t target where you ads are going.

4. Search engines. Getting your site listed in them brings free traffic to your site for no costs at all. It would seem that concentrating on a few of the bigger engines such as google is all you need to do to get a good level of traffic to your site for little effort.

Drawbacks : You have to know which engines are the best, you have to know how each of the top engines works to maximise your entry and finally it can take a long time to actually get into an engine. Theres also an issue of how popular your site is in the first place which can really be bad if your site is new. Catch22 in effect.

5. A very popular way of promoting your site is to get your link scene in community forums such as this one! There are so many places like this now and having a sig with your site link visible and clickable is an acceptable form of advertising. My own experience is that you can drive a lot of traffic to your site through sigs.

Drawbacks : Its sad to use these kinds of forums as advertising vehicles. Some forums recognise this underhand behavoiur and disable signatures by default, banning any advertising. Its also tough to do relevant on topic posts on a regular basis purely as a way of promoting your site with a signature.

Well these seem to be the most common ways to promote sites and I`ll be honest and say I don`t think any of them are very easy. If anyone has any information on this topic I`d sure like to hear it.

These ramblings are just from your average joe, I`m not an industry specialist, its just my view based on what I`ve read so warrants only as one persons opinion. But I thought id try and open up the subject and see what others have to say on it.


Here comes my sig! lol

Garry Lacey
The Creative Resource