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Underscores work OK for me as a simpler, more concise way to signify public/private. That is important - sure - but I don't believe it needs to be enforced in any way.
I for the most part agree with you. If you mark something with an underscore in it, I'd know not to touch it.

However, what we got to worry about are the people who don't respect this (and there will always be those people). And sure, we can think, screw them, they're digging themselves a whole, it doesn't affect me. And most likely, you are right. But it will effect someone who has to come along and manage that codebase, and it would be quite a twist if that was you.

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I think introspection could be a valid argument for verbose-ibility keywords (also type hints). Perhaps more and more tools which make use of reflection will emerge: things like dependency injection, refactoring apps.
Yeah, it'd be cool, though all those things could probably work with underscores too in combination with type hints.

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(*I confess I did actually do this once, but that's another story)