I am thinking of creating a massive turn based RPG game. There will be a BIG ground, and everybody who signs up is given a base at a certain point on the map(lets say 140 latitude and 200 longitude for example). And lets say theres another base 2 north of him. If he walks up 2 times, he will see the base. Now he wont know what defense the base has unless he has bought inspection tools from the shop. Attacks and defences can also be bought. Bases can be attacked to try and steal some money. To get money to buy this stuff members have to complete certain surveys (I will take care of this, just make a way for me to be able to add points to a person). There will also be some random trasure cases on the map that can be found. This is just the basis of what I want. The game should have GOOD graphics. And I know that I will need a big budget, and I am willing to pay. I just need a SOLID game with SOLID graphics.

If ANYBODY can do this please post a rough estimate. I will provide more details.