I've been studying and developing in rails for about 6 months. I've started with php and mysql and i own a webagency but i'm going to close it to find a work as a web developer (php developer) 'cause i've hard times with money
So i've decided to return to develop in php firstable 'cause all the web jobs out there (at least here in italy) are for php programmers and second 'cause i think that developing in rails hides to me some complexity that i want to learn as ajax, javascript database structure sql etc.
I feel that programming in php i've more control on what i do and i learn a lot more with the tecnologies involved. At the end i don't think there are a lot of benefits in using rails at least for me. I can use php for every dynamic website and for large project i can use a well desgined php framework as symphony but i feel i've the control. Furthermore there isn't yet a big movement as for php i mean the comunity the documentation, library etc. This is my story