I am new to this so here goes. i have a classic asp page that submit a asp page. the button works fine in Ie but nothing happens in firefox. Here is the code. Thanks for your help.

<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- Begin
function VerifyForm() {
var sString = '<table border=0 width=100%><tr><td width=100% align=left style="BORDER-TOP: #808080 1px solid;"><p align=left><b>Please be patient, you are generating a large file<br>and it may take up to 5 minutes to create.</p>'
+ 'Clicking the "Generate" button again<br>or refreshing the page will slow down the process.</b></td></tr></table>';
var i = 0;
if (document.form1("ProductGroup").value == -1){
i = i+1;
case 0: //All fine
pdfMsg.innerHTML = sString;
document.form1.action = "default.asp";
case 1: //Nothing selected
window.alert("Please select a Group.");