For anyone that has installed the tredsoft stand-alone version of IE7 (, you'll notice that its function is somewhat limited.

While the tredsoft version certainly works well enough to Q&A a page/site, it appears that you can gain (at least nearly) full-function from the stand-alone of IE7:
1. install the stand-alone as above
2. upgrade your existing IE to IE7 (yes, just like Microsoft wants us all to do)
3. install the IE7 blocker toolkit (from Microsoft:
4. uninstall IE7 (Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Windows Internet Explorer)
5. open IE

This should open your original version of IE, the one you started with in step 1; it should function just as it did prior to all this stuff.

Now open your IE7 stand-alone; you should (at least nearly) a full functioning version!

I was pleasantly surprised...

Not sure if this will work with the other versions of IE stand-alones (haven't tried, only need IE6 and IE7), but if some one does try, please let others know!