I'm the owner of http://echowebhq.com/ (EchoWeb Network) and recently I was thinking of holding a contest as a way to attract publicity for my site.

Anyway, I talked to my host (HostRocket.com) and they are willing to provide me with 3 free, web hosting accounts. Since, my network gets over 150,000 exposures/month, I can also spend about 100,000 button exposures on the winners.

Anyway, the question is: What kind of a contest could I hold which could attract a couple of hundreds applicants?

Basically, I want to have 3 winners:

1st Place:
50,000 button exposures
5 months of free web hosting (200 megs, 10 GIGS)

2nd Place:
25,000 button exposures
3 months of free web hosting (100 megs, 8 GIGS)

3rd Place:
10,000 button exposures
3 months of free web hosting (50 megs, 4 GIGS)

So... any ideas?

p.s. What would be the best way to promote this contest?

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