I am using a custom form validation framework built on top of the Prototype framework.

Code JavaScript:
Event.observe('loginForm', 'submit', function(){
	return _fv.validate(_h);

When I use this in my login.js file, it does not do the trick in Firefox. I have searched Internet for quite some time, but I couldn't find the elegant solution once I stumbled upon. Looks like I was not wise enough to save it.

Now there are methods like <form ... onsubmit="return blabla()">. But I want all my javascript code in separate files. This was also discussed in some elder forum/blog entries, with solutions not too stylish in my context.

Currently I am using this temporary solution:

Code JavaScript:
function onLogin()
	return _fv.validate(_h);
I have also searched this forum, but couldn't find what I am looking for.