I'm trying to use the set the target attribute in html from an <a> tag, something like this: <a href='test.html' target='test'> and then when i get to test I need some javscript to pull out this target name. Ive tried using window.location.target but it doesnt seem to work. any ideas??

also, on this test.html there is some javascript to open a new window, like this: window.open('test2.xml', '', options) where options are just the properties of the new window (in this case setup for kiosk mode). What keeps happening is that when i click on the first link it doesnt open a new test.html because the page was set to the target but will open a new test2.html because the javascript seems to run????

so what i think i need to do is go from the first page, open an intermediate page to open the next page in kiosk mode, and then keep only one instance of this page open. (to make matters slightly more complicated a user can have multiple instancs of the first page open so can open multiple instances of kiosk window but need to keep 1-1 relationship)

any ideas??