I want to make a login member system. I've followed the instructions from Harry Fuecks's book
The PHP Anthology: OOP php Solutions Vol.2
Chapter 1, pages 25-36.

from ( SPLIB ) folder have these codes regarding the use of HTML_Quickform.

// Include the QuickForm class
LINE 12.... require_once ('HTML/QuickForm.php');
// Instantiate the QuickForm class
LINE 73.... $form =& new HTML_QuickForm('regForm', 'POST');
LINE 74.... $renderer =& $form->defaultRenderer();
It works but since PEAR suggests one to use HTML_Quickform2 translated for PHP5 I wanted to upgrade my php files class usage.
So I just put in a 2 after the words HTML_Quickform into HTML_Quickform2.
Everything seems to check OK until LINE 74 gives out an ERROR. At this point I don't know how to integrate this class?