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    How can I preload these images?

    I have some Javascript (.js attached as .txt) that works onMouseOver of an image both makes it shine and fades in another image at a different location on the screen.

    Here is how I am calling it:

    <img id="1" src="images/about.jpg" class="gradualshine" onMouseover="h('1','d'); d(450,245,'images/about_desc.jpg',500,35)" onMouseout="l('1'); l0('d')" alt="" border="0" width="171" height="162">

    ("d" is a div object that is not visible until this script activates it)

    This is being used on

    What I need to do is preload six images. What's happening is that the menu graphics load, then the user is moving the mouse over each one, but there is often a delay while the browser downloads "about_desc.jpg" and the images that correspond to the other menu options.

    I need to tweak this script to preload these images so it is seamless. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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