Over the past few months I've been working on a new website.

Although I am not yet fully finished with it, I thought I'd give fellow JavaScript developers a sneak peek.

It's an implementation of Solitaire using JavaScript and the Yahoo UI (YUI) JavaScript library.

The website URL is: http://worldofsolitaire.com

For those that don't feel like actually going, here is a screen shot:

It currently has 11 different variations of Solitaire including Canfield, FreeCell, Forty Thieves, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider and Yukon.
I'm working on adding more.

Components of YUI that are used include animation, connection, container, dom, dragdrop, event, reset, slider and treeview.

I routinely test it to ensure it works okay using the following browsers: Firefox, Opera, IE7, Safari (win32) and Konqueror.

The code is minified however you can view the complete un-minifed code by visiting the following link and doing a View Source in your browser:

Most of the code is well commented, and I hope easy to understand.

As I said at the top, it's not yet finished.
Things on my to-do list include:
* Nicer looking and more detailed statistics
* More solitaire games
* Performance Optimizations
* Additional features

Anyways, I'd love to hear any comments anyone might have, or any bug reports