Hi there,

I have a large php script for an online rugby game. Basically it has to run about 1000 games of rugby (each game consisting of around 11,000 words dynamically generated with each line of commentary stored seperately in a MySQL database). At present, I use a PHP script which executes the main script via exec(), which seems to leaves the front-end site running smoothly.

At the moment it runs at about 5 seconds per game which is pretty good for the moment. But after a few seasons, we anticipate having a significantly larger amount of user, thus more games to run.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on getting this to push more games through in a shorter time. The server only just breaks 1% CPU when the script is running (I've got a dedicated server btw). Surely I can get it to take up more CPU, and run faster, while not affecting the other few sites I have on the server.

Any ideas? Or reasons why this is not possible?