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    Question Wordpress / PHP expertise required


    I am currently bidding a project for an article site and I think I have decided to do it in Wordpress, however, there are some requirements that are not off the shelf and I was wondering if they possible to do (as clearly I need to tell the client if my solution won't provide what they are looking for)

    While I am comfortable with html, css, wordpress and plugins, and the general customisation I would require someone to do these pieces for me as I am not strong on php and mysql, so if you are able and interested please PM me your details (or put them on this post) and we can have a further chat about projects you have worked on, expertise, and costs etc. The timescales for this project would be September.

    The requirements are:

    1. The ability to send an an instant email to my client whenever a file is downloaded.
    2. Detailed specific customer statistics ie when they log in we can track each page and file they look at - I would be happy to consider integrating an off the shelf package, but I would want it fully integrated so that it is capturing the user logon details and following their path through the site - this is a nice to have if possible, but not required if not possible
    3. An option to automatically add the user to the email list that is held on Campaign Monitor (with a check box that they can uncheck if they don't want to receive it)
    4. I had thought this was possible already but apparently not... Some of the pages need subscriber only access, so they will have to logon to view them and download the files

    Many thanks
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    I think a better place to post this would be the "looking to hire" forums.
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