Hi Everyone

I have an odd problem that only occurs in IE(ok, maybe thats not odd). Anyway, I have a table which is styled to render quickly off of the width of the first column.


HTML Code:
<TABLE style = "table-layout:fixed;width:0px;">
    <TR style = "height:16px;">
           <TD  id = "testTD" style = "width:25px;"></TD>
Now, The column of the table will render at 25px width, no matter what the content is. The idea is that the column can then be resized, as so
    var obj = document.getElementById("testTD");
    obj.style.width = parseInt(obj.style.width) + 10;  //Just an example
The Resizing works great in firefox/Explorer. In explorer, the text is not rerendered to the new width, so although the cell is larger, the amount of data you can see is the same.

Any suggestions?