Hello All

I am currently reworking a past project and am getting rid of most of the procedural code and replacing it with classes. everything is going quite well but the paths are driving me nuts. I am trying to use one consistent solution for all links and include files but every variation I try seems to have an issue somewhere. I will run down what I have tried and see what your suggestions are.

1) page relative:
this doesn't work when I am more than 1 folder deep. I have a loader class that does not currently account for how many folders deep the call is benig made from.

root relative i.e.
This includes properly from where ever it is called, but then I have a problem with instantiating.
myClass = new myClass;
This gives me an error saying that the myClass class cannot be found. I have looked around but have no clue why this is happening.

3) absolute paths
the includes work fine but my sessions went haywire when I went to this method. My login page does not work anymore and I beleive it is because it is setting 2 different session id's - one for the login page and another when it redirects to the rest of the site.

Does that make sense?