Okay, I know the title's a little cryptic, but I've got a problem in a big way.

In September of last year I was hired to build a site and maintain it. No problem. It's a regional info. site with tons of content and useful info for people in our area.

Well, okay, one BIG problem. My boss has been in various businesses including insurance and employee leasing for over 30 years. He's trying to run this business with "old school" policies, some of which are working, some of which are driving me absolutely INSANE!!!

On the plus side, we aggressively market some of the features of our site to potential advertisers (local businesses who advertise in our directory). This has made us the biggest and most populated regional info site in the area.

On the down side, we're charging dirt cheap ANNUAL prices. I've tried suggesting going monthly on the condition that advertisers agree to run for one year. We're in a rather tech. backwards area, and we've gotten a lot of "how do I know people will see this" questions. My boss is also worried about renewals.

Another down side, and I will cite a specific example, is in dealing with the established tech. businesses in the area. For example, I called a local ISP asking about pricing for banner ads. They sell theirs for $25 CPM, which I think is a little high considering the fact that 90% of their traffic is their customers who have their site set as their home page. He took the phone from me and tried to find out how many people would actually see the banners, and the person on the other end, who happens to be the head of that ISP's web department, wouldn't tell him. He got 10 kinds of ticked and ranted at me for 5 minutes afterwards about how they're trying to rip off advertisers.

I'm trying to come up with ideas and ways to promote our site and services not only to visitors, but also to potential advertisers. Today's phone call just lost us one, because I had been working with that person on getting her to advertise with us.

The worst of it is the fact that my boss is pulling money out of his pocket every week to cover operating expenses, and he's been making it very clear that he's tired of doing so.

I apologise for the rant, but I'm getting really close to the end of my strings here. If I can't come up with some good ideas I may go bald ripping what's left of my hair out.

Anyone got any suggestions? (aspirin would be nice too)

Hatton Humphrey
Webmaster, Connecttexoma.com http://www.connecttexoma.com