Hello all ,
I am explaning what actually i am asking..
Page a.aspx...There is a Link from where u clcik on that u will redirect to b.aspx.

In a.aspx at the time of calling anchor link will fire a javascript.
function fnSubmitToAcqDetail(acqID)
		document.forms[0].__VIEWSTATE.name = 'NOVIEWSTATE';
		return false;

Now b.aspx page.U have to get Request.form.get ...
Its fine but

In b.aspx there is Web control radio button is there where on cheked change lots of panel visibility control is written in cs.
But now i wants to do it through javascript in b.aspx when one radio button is cheked then one javascript function will call and then corresponding panel will visibility true..........

How can i do that??...
Now under page_load only Page.IsPostback fire in b.aspx.