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    Image transition on a layer under

    Hello everyone,

    I am designing a simple site in CSS and have this so far:

    Header div - 600px
    Left Navigation div - 150px
    body div - 450px
    footer div - 600px

    So far all looks good, the left navigation is three level so it works as well. Navigation roll out onto the body div which currently holds an image. I would like to have image transition which will display 5 images. Is it possible for me to implement a slideshow in body div which will not be affected when user toggles the site navigation.

    The other question is to do with cross browser slideshow, I am assuming that a slideshow that works on IE will not work on FIREFOX or Safari, do I need to script a cross browser slideshow. If I need to then any advice would highly be appreciated.

    I have attached the layout.
    Thanks a bunch.
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