As a webmaster there are certain rules you should follow in the promotion of your site. There are things you do and things you don't. These are some tips on what to do and not to do when you promote your site.

What Not to do when promoting your website:

Never Spam! (Sending of USE, Unsolicited Email) If you become labeled as a Spammer you will make allot of people mad and you will loose allot of customers. Even if you have bought a supposed "safe-list" don't send mail to those users. Advertising through Spam is a bad business practice and is also illegal.

Be sure not to submit to Search Engines to often, this could be considered Spamming the Index which in turn could get you banned from the search engine altogether. I recommend submitting every 2-3 weeks. This will help you to keep a high ranking but prevent you from being considered a Index Spammer.

When you are writing your meta tags don't have mile long keyword, title or description tags. Search Engines consider this a form of cheating and can get you banned or knocked down to a really low rank.

When writing your keyword tag don't repeat words or phrases. This could also get you a nice low ranking in the results.

Be honest to your customers. The building of trust is a hard thing to do but is the greatest form or promotion in the long-run. Customers that like your product or service will tell their friends about it.
Recommendations like that are the greatest form of promotion.

When you use the ALT tags in your images, do not put keyword lists their. Search Engines will give you a low ranking from this and visitors to your site find this very unprofessional.

What to do when promoting your website:

Make sure that you have at least 3 of the keywords you are using in your keywords tag in your description. This is a trick that allot of webmaster's do not know of. This will help get you a very high ranking in the Search Engines.

Make sure that the keywords you use in your keyword tag you have in your page. Search Engines won't count keywords that are not found in the actual content of your web page. However, do not hide your keywords by using invisible text. Search Engines block against this form of cheating.

Be sure to submit your site to the Search Engines every 2-4 weeks, this will keep the search engines index updated with your site and will make sure it doesn't "forget" about your site.

Submit your site to FFA link pages every day. FFA promotion is a quick way of traffic and can help get some fast traffic. You need to submit every day because your link will be knocked off by other links. However, do not put FFA promotion above search engine promotion. Search engine promotion is where you will receive over 90% of your traffic.

When submitting to FFA, use a title that will grab peoples attention. For example "Acme Trucks" is really short and will have little or no results. You will have more luck with "Acme Trucks - Professional off-road trucks and supplies".
Be professional in your promotion, someone who seems unprofessional will distract potential customers.

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