I have a Canadian client who has registered a .ca domain name using Look.ca .

I wanted to use my current host here in Trinidad (because I'm accustomed to their servers) so I figured that it was just a matter of logging in to my client's Look.ca account and pointing the domain's name servers and IP's to my hosting.

I swear to you Look.ca has the most confusing procedure ever to do this.

Right now I have about a million passwords that they e-mailed to us and a whole bunch of different usernames.

The last thing they said was to wait for 24-48 hours until I see the domain as parked (which it is) then click the "upgrade" link.

There is no upgrade link on that page, but there is a "logging in to your account" link. The problem is that none of the million passwords that Look.ca e-mailed us work. Hell, I'm not even sure where exactly I'm supposed to login, because there are two different sections to do so... this and that.

I can't see their help files... all I'm getting are 404 errors when I click help and worst of all, we can't dial 1 800 numbers from here (even if we use 1 880 to pay for the call) so I can't get their customer service.

Does anyone have any experience with using Look.ca ??

Can someone please explain this to me??

Many thanks.