I am not sure if this is the right place....
what I am looking for is a code that when I click on a link, the value given will go into a text box from a form.

I tried using a code that had 2 forms that allowed a transfer of info- but that didnt really work for me too well.

I saw a page on a game (travian) that listed an amount to the right of the text box and clicking on that amount meant that the info would then be moved into the text box

Im looking at this as users are allowed to edit their own work, and it would be easier than to try and copy their info and paste it in (if they dont do it, their info is deleted)

I know some of my text will be longer than just a small word (paragraphs), but I am interested if its possible to do such a large transfer of info (I have several text boxes within my form that I would like this to work on.)

any suggestions?