i'm having a function which moves the div form one place to other.

It's working nicely on firefox.. but it doesn't seems to be working in IE..

I couldn't find the problem!!!

Here's the function i'm using

function moveup(id)
	var fun = "moveup('"+id+"')";
	var df  = document.getElementById(id);
	toppos  = (df.style.top).replace('px','')-2;
	df.style.top = toppos+"px";
	timer2 = setTimeout(fun,50);
I'm calling the function as this
<img name=address style="height:20px;cursor:pointer;" 
src="../images/mv_up.gif" onmousedown="moveup(this.name)" 
onmouseup="stopy()" alt="Move up" title="Move up">
I'm having the div as a relatively positioned object..
 <div id='amt' style="position: relative; top:-165px; left:200px;
 width:100px; text-align:right;">Amount</div>
The function is called in IE and it returns "object" when i alerted the object passed to the function moveup()..

The div is moving nicely in firefox but not in IE..

What's the problem and how can i correct that?

Thanks in advance