For those of you who use css and js bundling, just like sitepoint does, there is a cache error. The script found from
provides a script that allows for combining all your static css files into one big css file or one big js file. The browser then downloads just the file which reduces the overhead caused by opening and closing connections.

This is the tutorial for setting it up:

Anyways I noticed that the generated file doesn't get cached at all on the clientside. Maybe some headers for setting the file to cache are missing.

This is all basic HTTP stuff, but I have never set the headers for any of my css or javascript files. I just use the standard headers that browsers set for when they need to download the file. After all, the browser can redownload the file by refreshing the page. However, in this case the browser downloads the file everytime off of server (the combined file).

What kind of header values do I need to set so that the browser doesn't download the file each time?