VG either way i will not use them, im experienced enough with CSS, i dont need to use them.

And yes i've put together my own template/framework, and when i said i hate frameworks, i ment the stuff your seeing now, the OTT YUI one for example. The difference with my template is its my hard work and experience that has created it, anyone can use the YUI ones and have no idea what going on.

I pride my work, i want potential customers to pride my work, not to see that ive just grabbed a css framework and worked around it and added un-needed markup into the document. All im saying is i wouldnt want anything like that in my source code, to see im using/copied from YUI or any other framework for that matter.

If people want to use it, let them carry on, i doubt any experienced web devel would use them. You might aswell race around the internet and copy and paste scripts from trusted sources, you will save yourself even more time.

Money is important, but pride is even more important to some. It seems many jump aboard the band wagon.