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    GetPostBackEventReference - Custom SliderControl

    GetPostBackEventReference(this, "slider.getRealValue();");

    problem is on the client it builds:
    __doPostBack('ctrlid', 'slider.getRealValue()');
    so slider.getRealValue() isn't executed since its a string.

    I've already tired escaping..
    GetPostBackEventReference(this, "'slider.getRealValue();'");
    but that doesn't work

    since there is no actual <input> element. .. 2 divs and a little javascript.
    a postback won't contain the value of the javascript based control.

    i can make it work with a hidden field but would like to know if there is a way using PostBackOptions to get the value from slider.getRealValue() into the argument of the postback reference?

    anyone with any ideas?

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    GetPostBackEventReference is meant to return javascript in a string which you can then use in a handler of your control

    control.Attributes["onclick"] = GetPostBackEventReference(...)

    When onclick fires the javascript emitted by GetPostBackEventReference will be executed. This script in turn will cause a postback to the server which will direct this event to your control.


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