I am using alphanumeric rule in HTML_Quickform but users could still send numeric values only.
Here is the code:
PHP Code:
$txttotalmail_id $form1->createElement('text''txttotalmailid''', array( 'size' => 25'maxlength' => 30));

$txttotalmail_id_domain $form1->createElement('text''txttotalmaildomainid''', array( 'size' => 25'maxlength' => 15'value'=> 'totalmail.co.za''onFocus' => 'this.blur()'));
$form1->addGroup(array($txttotalmail_id$txttotalmail_id_domain), 'txttotalmail_id_value''Totalmail ID:''@');

$txttotalmailid_rule_1 = array('ID is not valid''required');
$txttotalmailid_rule_2 = array('ID is not valid''nopunctuation');
$txttotalmailid_rule_3 = array('ID is not valid''minlength'3);
$txttotalmailid_rule_4 = array('ID is not valid''alphanumeric');

//merge the rules or re-encapsulate in array
$txttotalmail_rules = array($txttotalmailid_rule_1$txttotalmailid_rule_2$txttotalmailid_rule_3$txttotalmailid_rule_4);
//apply the rules
$form1->addGroupRule('txttotalmail_id_value', array($txttotalmail_rules,)); 
It shows the error message when no data is typed but accepts any kind of data eventually.

Likewise, I discovered that some functions don't work again or deprecated in HTML_Quickform. This "$txttotalmail_id_domain->freeze();" doesn't work also though i worked on older version of Apache or PHP engine(one of my Local Machines).

What could be wrong?????