First of all, I am not trying to insult or criticize or its network... Just bringing up a new topic idea because I have mixed feelings about them. Let me explain--

Several months back, I added a HitBox (free version) to my site to track the results of a new ad campaign. The stats were great, but we noticed very few users were interacting with the site. Many of them were leaving! I later discovered why: their HitBox ad which is displayed in exchange for providing you with free stats says "web services, enter" or something enticing like that. The problem is, we targeted people in search of web services. Meaning that HitBox got hundreds of unique visitors from us -- and what did we get? Nice stats telling us that we were getting visitors, but off they went to upon browsing our site. Immediately, I logged into our server and removed the code. I later joined HitBox's premium service, HitBox PRO. This works very well for us now, but it costs money. And, as our site gained momentum so did the bill from HitBox, they charge per 1,000 visitors.

My solution: I realized that HitBox is still a neat service, so I use them on one of our sites. The newer site that we run,, has its own internal stats so we have no need for HitBox. Have an experience with web stats companies? Post your opinion here. Thanks, just trying to bring in new ideas.

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