offers valuable, targeted traffic to thousands of web sites (including those within our web property). But, the word is already out -- the bids are TOO HIGH in most cases and even the "tricks and tips" articles out there aren't producing the answers we need. The search is on to find the next Get results from listings that cost very little. I have taken a look around, and here are the contestants. Each have a tremendous downside however. - a pay-for-position search engine. I simply don't trust them. Their credit card form is insecure and scary at best. - Potential to be the one I'm looking for. A recent campaign with them is acting slow however. In the future, they could crawl up to the number one pay-for-results engine. But, they need to pull their act together. When I signed up, I tried order about 12 times on several days before I was informed that their order form was "fixed". At least I could order, eventually.

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