If, by the end of the time that you read this you aren't totally and completely confused, then see if you can offer a suggestion.

I need to construct an ASP page that links to an Access database. The database has two tables: Employees and Branches. There is a lookup column on the Employees table that looks up the Branch Number from the Branches table.

The Branch table contains the branch information (address, phones, etc) and the Employees table contains employee information for each branch. There is one listing per branch on the Branches table, and as many as 25 (per branch) on the Employees table.

I need to output this information via ASP (or a FrontPage Database Results) to produce the sample below.

So, my question is how the hell do I do it? I can only seem to get one table going. Do I need a merged table in Access?

I'll answer whatever questions you might have as best as I can.

I saw the most recent DB thread, but it didn't immediately appear to answer my questions.