So i made an FAQ system... and i thought to myself
"The server this is gonna sit on doesn't really have MySQL properly"
"Of course! I'll use XML.. what a clever bunny I am. I'll just whip out the ol' SimpleXML"

... 1 hour later ...

"Yay, it's done.. complete with AJAX and fancy gizmos.. just push it up the pipe"
"Oh no! It doesn't work! The server doesn't have SimpleXML"
"I'll find a drop in replacement that mimics SimpleXML's object system exactly"

... 10 minutes later + a couple of dents in the wall and my forehead...

"Apparently this doesn't exist or is hidden behind the 10000 similiar solutions which return a ridiculously inflated tree..."

... 10 further minutes + lots more dents ...

"Sitepoint, here i come"

So if you can gather what I'm saying in my unusually narrative way, I need a drop-in replacement for SimpleXML.

Anyone found one/used one?