Hi there, newish to javascript so grateful for any help.

I am creating a test generator and have an array of textfields ("answer[]") created by a simple piece of PHP code. As you can see, I have radio buttons corresponding to each text field, which is a potential answer to a multi choice question. I already have working code which ensures that an answer is selected and not the default option. However, I also want to validate that when an answer is selected, the corresponding text field is not blank. I am having problems accessing the values of each text field in the array.

Here's the php/html code....

Enter the answer options and ensure the radio button selected is the correct answer. <br/><br/>
//Generate form
for ($i=0;$i<$count;$i++) {
echo "<input type='radio' name='option' value='$i'>$name[$i] <input type='text' name='answer[$i]' size='80'><br/>";
<input type="radio" name="option" value="No Answer" checked="checked" />No Answer selected

and here's the JS function to check it.....

function validateCorrectAnswer(form){
var error="";
var none="No Answer";
var ansText ="";
var selected;

for (var i=0; i<form.option.length; i++) {
if (form.option[i].checked)
selected = form.option[i].value ;
if (selected==none)
error = "You didn't select a correct answer.\n";
else if(form.elements['answer[i]'].value=="")
error = "You didn't enter any text for the correct
return error;