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    ordering of rows

    Hi, i'm wondering how some of you guys would go about ordering a table based on an ID?

    The client wants to be able to control the ordering and although I got it working, it does not look very clean as it requires multiple queries.

    I set up an orderID, and what I did was when an arrow is clicked next to the row, such as an up arrow, I would pass the rowID + the orderID, then seek out (in the case of up) the previous orderID, then swap the two. But all this requires multiple queries.

    Any tips on an efficient method of doing this? Again it's not that I can't get it done, it's just I would like a clean way of doing it.

    Here is the code I am using.
    PHP Code:
    $oldOrderID = (int) $_GET['num'];
    $faqID = (int) $_GET['faqID'];

    if (
    $_GET['act'] == 'up') {
    $newOrderID mysql_result(mysql_query("SELECT MAX(orderID) FROM ".FAQ." WHERE orderID < $oldOrderID LIMIT 1"), 0);
    } else if (
    $_GET['act'] == 'down') {    
    $newOrderID mysql_result(mysql_query("SELECT MIN(orderID) FROM ".FAQ." WHERE orderID > $oldOrderID LIMIT 1"), 0);

    if (!
    $newOrderID$stop 1# protect from out of bounds
    if (!$stop) {
    mysql_query("UPDATE ".FAQ." SET orderID = $oldOrderID WHERE orderID = $newOrderID");
    mysql_query("UPDATE ".FAQ." SET orderID = $newOrderID WHERE faqID = $faqID");

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    For the Select I would do:
    PHP Code:
    $up   = ($_GET['act'] == 'up');
    $sql  'SELECT ' . (!$up 'MIN' 'MAX') .'(orderID) FROM ' FAQ;
    $sql .= ' WHERE orderID ' . (!$up '>' '<') . $oldOrderID;
    $sql .= ' LIMIT 1';

    $newOrderID mysql_result(mysql_query($sql), 0); 
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