Please post everything you can think of that will get hits to your site. I wanted to get a really huge list of things.

Here, I'll start off the list with my own inputUL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Swapping links/advertising with similar sites
<LI>Registering your site in as many search engines as possible
<LI>Hosting a regular newsletter or e-zine
<LI>Including your site's address in the signature of all of your e-mails
<LI>Telling all of your friends about your website, and spreading the word about your site
<LI>Posting in forums frequently, and include your URL in your signature
<LI>Hosting a message board on your website, where members can check back for recent posts
<LI>Offering free services (such as E-Mail) that will draw users to frequently visit your site
<LI>Holding a contest or "Treasure Hunt" throughout your site
<LI>Inserting a recommendation form for users to recommend your site to friends
<LI>Making sure your site looks professional, and is easy to navigate</UL>

I know there is a lot more to do, so that is why I turn to you. Please post all the free things you can do to generate more traffic to your site.

I know this community can generate quite a large list, so please post anything that comes to mind.


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