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    I need to how you can send html e-mail messages, (not only html, but plain text for those who do not have html support), plus (this is really important) an attached .jpg file which is called by the html. How can I send such e-mails??? I found that the html messages some subsciption lists were sending me were like this, but they called image files from the web.
    I've already tried sending these type of messages using Microsft's Outlook Express, but although the test mail return perfectly o.k. to me (using Outlook), most of my subscribers (using Yahoo! mail etc.) pointed out that they couldn't get what I was sending. And when I viewed the message using their accounts, I saw that the plain text & html was all gobbled up and was totally unreadable.
    What should I do??? Is there a mail client specially designed for sending html formatted mail together which the images included???

    For information, I'm using a list hosted at, and I mail at a special at address so that it's forwarded to my subscribers, (wHICh means that any simkle client would work).

    I hope someone can answer this... !!!


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    Topica does not (from what they told me personally some time ago) have the ability to send out HTML messages. If I'm not mistaken, neither does ListBot or eGroups...

    Try "MailMachine", it can be found here:

    Then, if you want to send out a JPG file simply enter the HTML for the image into the message.

    BEWARE: MailMachine might flake out on you with large numbers of subscribers...this happened to me once; I don't know whether it was a fluke or something that testifies to the programs limitations.

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