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    Please post everything you can think of that will get hits to your site. I wanted to get a really huge list of things.

    Here, I'll start off the list with my own inputUL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Swapping links/advertising with similar sites
    <LI>Registering your site in as many search engines as possible
    <LI>Hosting a regular newsletter or e-zine
    <LI>Including your site's address in the signature of all of your e-mails
    <LI>Telling all of your friends about your website, and spreading the word about your site
    <LI>Posting in forums frequently, and include your URL in your signature
    <LI>Hosting a message board on your website, where members can check back for recent posts
    <LI>Offering free services (such as E-Mail) that will draw users to frequently visit your site
    <LI>Holding a contest or "Treasure Hunt" throughout your site
    <LI>Inserting a recommendation form for users to recommend your site to friends
    <LI>Making sure your site looks professional, and is easy to navigate</UL>

    I know there is a lot more to do, so that is why I turn to you. Please post all the free things you can do to generate more traffic to your site.

    I know this community can generate quite a large list, so please post anything that comes to mind.


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    1) Placing an ad in an ezine (newsletter) that goes out to your target audience. I got GREAT hits from doing this.

    Here are some good sites to find ezines:
    This costs you but worth it 'cause as a member you get access to all the ezines that place your ad at the top) Huge time saver! A good directory of a ton of ezines in all different categories.

    2) Also, writing an article and having it featured in someone else's newsletter is great too.

    3) Build some sort of directory on your site that is related to your target audience. That gives people a reason to return. That's how I started getting traffic to my very first site. I built a list of free classifieds (my site was geared toward beginning marketers) and the hits gradually started to come on in.

    Good Luck!

    OOOPS! All the Dumb Things Affiliates Do!


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