Trying to to create and style a (print) button ...

I have a span class, that I want to be an object that is called: do I need getElementByID?

I am stuck with this - Can anyone help? > thanks.gg (Aside: yes, I am using YUI DOM)

if (window.print) {

// NEW CODE for the new button
function loader(){
//put everything in here
YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, "load", loader);

//create HTML string that is the button
var oElement = document.getElementById("print_button_node");
//Return an array of HTMLElements with the given class.
Array getElementsByClassName ("print_button_node")
// use 1) DOM, or 2)innerHTML to dynamically write button in any
"print_button_node" class (could be more than one)
var elements =
YAHOO.util.Dom.getElementsByClassName("print_button_node", 'span');
//retreive element collection, in a loop...
//decorate with button

//Print function
function printpage()

}//END loader