What is wrong with this code? it should to parse JSOn the string it into javascript object then display it on screen... i get nothing but a white screen!

Code JavaScript:
// Example Objet en json
var TestlinkJson = {"id_source":"7315f47dba65515fca60c851d7065bc6","url_source":"http:\/\/news.yahoo.com\/s\/afp\/20060822\/od_afp\/chinacateringcultureoffbeat_060822074830","title_source":"Jail-theme teahouse becomes prisoner of own success in China - Yahoo! News","smartlinks_infos":[{"id_dest":"75effc69e8c68b389c65c67119463312","score":"126","deleted":"0","date":"1164279208","zone_cible":"151","manually_added":"0","url_dest":"http:\/\/news.yahoo.com\/s\/afp\/20060825\/od_afp\/malaysiahealthtoilets_060825160532","title_dest":"Malaysia calls for \"toilet revolution\" - Yahoo! News"}]} 
//fonction de construction de SmartLinks
function TestLink(url_source,title_source,id_source)
	this.url_source = url_source; //l'url du document source du SmartLinks
	this.title_source = title_source; // titre du doc source du SmartLinks
	this.id_source = id_source; //l'id de la source du SmartLinks
	this.smartlinks_info = new array; //tableau de liens cible avec info sur la zone, la date etc...
var TestLink = eval('(' + TestlinkJson + ')');