Hi there, ive been hunting the net for ages to find a solution to my problem but so far with no luck... heres the situation....

Have a pdf book which is downloadable by registered users from a members area, the book exsists as a pdf file and is not generated on the fly. I have looked into using fpdf to output the book but this is not viable as the bok is created by a design/publishing team in Indesign.

What i would like to be able to do (most probably server side) is when a user hits download for the book the pdf file is somehow cracked open and the users email address is somehow watermarked across every page in the book and then the download is outputted for download by this user.

Is this at all possible or is it my pipe dream? lol what would be even better is the password for the pdf is set to that users email address...is that going too far?

im not looking for some one to just give me the answer (though that would be nice ) but a nudge in the right direction would be most appreciated.

many thanks in advance,