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    mabye you can do some work-- outsourcing, post the projects to Asia
    web application & flash dev
    you can post you outsourcing projects to Asia,save your IT cost.

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    I don't recall where, but a while back I read something that said people today will have something between 3 and 7 careers in their lifetime. It's a different world than what my father had. He was US Air Force for 20 years, retired then worked for one company for another 17 years, then retired completely. I think he needs the fingers on only one hand to count ALL his jobs. Maybe a couple from the other hand. But still, a very small number. And no real CAREER change in there.

    I have a BS in Biology. I worked in research for 7 years. Then decided I needed to earn a living.

    I went to work for a big corporation. They taught me programming. I worked with mainframes at first and eventually on PCs. Toward the end of my time there, I dabbled in websites on my own. That's when I started learning new things - HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL (which was like my 4th relational, SQL-based database). When I turned 50, I started checking to see when I could take an early retirement. But it was 5 years away. Six months later the company came out with an early retirement offer for most of their over 50 employees. It was the third time they had done it. And it was the worst offer they ever made. But it was OK b/c I was wanting to leave.

    So, I "retired" on 03/31/05 and started my own web design business on 04/01/05. Fortunately, I have a husband who provides moral and monetary support. I'm not really making money yet. It's been a huge learning curve. The hardest part though is Marketing. I've come to realize that as a business of one person, I am the Marketer. And I stink at marketing.

    So, having honed my other skills, I'm embarking now on the marketing side of it. Hopefully it will work out.

    But who knows if this will be my last career? I had never considered myself creative or artistic. Actually, I never let myself pursue that area too much. Likely something I learned from my father. I also never imagined that I could be a professional photographer. But, I am. I've even been teaching classes for jewelry photography. (Yes, since 2001 I've dabbled in making jewelry. Sadly, so have many, many people.)

    I have learned that I am creative and artistic. And that I can use those skills in my website design.

    It's truly an amazing world we live in now. There's so much information that the internet has delivered to your home. And so much you can learn and DO that wasn't even imagined a few years ago.

    I say, pursue whatever dreams you have. And realize that they may be different from tomorrow's dreams!


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